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This is about Uncommon Knowledge and their websites: HypnosisDownloads.ComUncommon Practitioners and  

At the bottom of  this post is a table of their Top 100 Hypnosis Audios, for anyone to buy, and there’s also some cool ideas from them, for people who are already professional hypnotherapists and counsellors and any other kinds of professional talking therapists, healers, or coaches.

I signed up I signed up to be an affiliate with HypnosisDownloads because, like most of the things I promote, I’ve used it (or something similar), myself and I know that it’s good and would help other people. 


It was time for me to make a big change a couple of years ago and I was stuck. I was doing the free hypnosis and meditations on You Tube, but then I came by a Hemi-sync audio, made by The Monroe Institute, and I was using that every day. 

Hemi-sync is a profound and exceptional experience too! If you want to, have a look at the video on the Hemi-sync Website Here. I also mentioned Hemi-Sync in another post I wrote. You can see that here.

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The Hemi-Sync was so cool that it spurred me on to get something else like that, that was really good to help me. I think buying one makes you much more committed to doing it and HypnosisDownloads are not too expensive for anyone. I think they’re really well priced for that. 

When I looked at the all the different hypnosis choices, I seemed to have all of them wrong with me! But I knew in myself what it was I really needed to do, and all that I really needed now was one for courage and for moving forward into growth without fear, so I just got one about that! 

Hypnosis Therapists Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy. Milton Erickson Quote

I won’t tell you which one I chose. But I remember it really well (and I’ve still got it). There were no affirmations, or the usual sort of imagery. It wasn’t like anything else I had done before at all, it was just like beautiful fairy tale. Like an old fashioned, very symbolic story. But of course there were a lot of deep healing psychological techniques being used in the audio to help me, that I wasn’t aware of.

healing, fear quote

There are no coincidences. It all seemed really subtle, but it had a very deep impact on me, and even just the first time I listened, it was like it literally FLICKED a SWITCH!
And then I did make some really amazing changes in my life! And I’ve also just passed my first year self employed! I haven’t had much support, but apparently that’s ‘normal’ too. 

you must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe, hypnosis quote

Everybody has to be in charge of their own life and when you suddenly make big decisions for yourself people can be shocked, and when you’re not doing what they want, they can think you are selfish. But it’s something you have to understand and learn to deal with. Rather than having logical reasons for what they do, humans do a lot of things due to unconscious and irrational reasons and create stories around it to rationalize it.

I know I really do deserve to do well, like else everyone does, and things have gone so much better for me now. All humans have problems and everyone has to find the courage to pull away from what they don’t want and move in the direction of what they do want.

So yes, it’s best to solve problems before they get too bad, but most people don’t. Usually even the most successful people have to reach some kind of crisis point before they do anything about it.                                                        
Otherwise you just carry on the same, with the same problem, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how it goes. Some things can’t really be changed properly just by trying. 
You have to go to the root of the problem, which is in the unconscious mind, and then, when you are really ready, it can happen very easily. 

So, if you are sick to death of some stupid crappy thing you keep doing and putting up with, and you know you’re ready, check out their Top 100 Audios below. Click on any you want to look at!
Maybe you can see right away what you need. If you can’t decide (they’ve probably got one for that).  and hear Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott speaking, and where they also describe The Human Needs I mentioned in my previous post here, which are really what drive our thoughts and behaviors.

Free Download

free hypnosis downloads seize the day

If you don’t know which one of these to do, Here is a FREE HYPNOSIS that you can take right now. It’s called ‘Seize The Day’ You don’t need to give your email or do anything else. You can just download it as a free taster and see if you like it! and if you want to BUY yourself one you can get one here.

FREE Online Training Courses

OR ! You if you want to, you could sign up for one of Hypnosis DownloadsFree email courses in things like self-esteem, insecurity in relationships, self-hypnosis and anxiety and depression. 
If you can’t see the table of Top 100 Hypnotherapy Downloads properly at the bottom of this, you could . 

Professional Development Opportunities For Practising Therapists 

Wait! There’s more! Before I go, also, I want to show you what they offer for Professional Counsellors and Therapists! The video below is 15 minutes long, but it gives you an overall idea of Uncommon Knowledge and philosophy and it’s really inspiring! It’s a cool story about how negative thinking, and other people’s view of it, can get out of hand. 

The Thirsty King: Uncommon Knowledge’s Mission by Mark Tyrrell

Uncommon Knowledge and Uncommon Practitioners

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Hypnosis Downloads is part of Mark Tyrell and Roger Elliot’s company ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ They also run ‘Uncommon Practitioners’ which offers Continued Professional Development for Hypnotherapists,Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Healers, anybody in related Talking Therapies fields. If that sounds like you, click and have a look.

I’m sure if that’s you though, you probably already know how good they are! Now they’re offeringClickand Mark will tell you about

If you are a therapist and you want to get their FREE Therapy Techniques by email, to use with your clients, you can Subscribe to the Uncommon Knowledge Newsletter and you’ll get Mark’s Tyrrell’s eBook ‘New Ways of Seeing’ FREE too!


If you can’t see the table below very well you can just click here and look for whatever you need on the website.

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