Hippy Earth Day!

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jane goodall, earth day

This video below is an exclusive Full FREE Lesson from Dr. Jane Goodall’s Conservation Masterclass, Made available for EARTH DAY WEEK as she talks about taking small steps to help the environment.


This next one is a really inspiring speech by David Suzuki on Earth Day about how far we’ve come, since Earth Day was first started in 1970!

There’s some extra cool ideas in this post! Relating to Earth Day and I’m talking about where I’m up to with things too.

New Website  

Yeah so I did this thing here. Check it out! You can make one too if you like and this here what you’re looking at is my NEW WEBSITE!

How’s Art Account

I love my new Twitter Art account! I think I kind of half did it as a form of procrastination, but it’s worked out well and it inspires me so much!

My Allotment

Although this involves writing, I prefer to express myself in a practical way. Entrepreneurs have to be focused and dedicated, but you need self care, something else to do, and encouragement and inspiration from people who think the same way. 

So I have been doing some other things, and I have just got myself AN ALLOTMENT! I will have to start the ground off, but I’ve got some help, and it’s in a really beautiful location, so that will inspire me too! 

nature, better than therapy

Maybe I won’t keep it forever, and by law you can’t sell the veg, but I will learn a lot along the way, and I’ll just see how it goes and these things always lead onto other things too.



I’m asking for any spare tools and gardening equipment for my allotment on freecycle.org If you haven’t used it or heard of it, it’s a REALLY COOL IDEA! People advertise anything they are throwing out on there. You can ask for anything you want on there too! But you will see people give just as much, or more, than they get or ask for, because it’s things they don’t want and are getting rid of. Why don’t you put your area in the search box. It’s worldwide! 

People have volunteered to be the moderator in your area, and all you do is get the emails showing what’s being offered or asked for. It’s the easiest thing in the world! You’re expected to collect it yourself, so if it’s something big like furniture you need a vehicle. People actually even give vehicles away too, but you have to fix them up. It depends what is in your area. You wouldn’t believe how many chickens get given away here!

Every Interaction is a Transaction. 

Giving and receiving is a very deep, natural, important part of life. Love is free. The earth is unconditionally loving. Sunshine is pure, free, unconditional love. But interactions with other people are always an energy exchange and it’s important to be awake to that and real about it. Every one of us is either consciously or unconsciously trying to fulfill our own human needs, in everything we say and do, all the time. It’s more unconditionally loving, and better all round, to notice, accept, and work with that reality. Because it causes a lot of dysfunctional, false, unkind and immature behavior otherwise.

Love is being able to see and understand as well as respect our own and each other’s needs.
We know people will often do well through the use of status and underhanded manipulation, and sometimes they’re partly doing it because of their own practical and hierarchical constraints. But I don’t believe that’s the norm. Most of the time the reason that people are successful, is because of their sense of responsibility and commitment, and those are qualities and conditions of the heart.


Higher Consciousness

the activist is the man who cleans up the river, ross perot

Environmental issues are often just a form of social media entertainment. It’s much easier to say you believe in something, than do that thing yourself. Watch what people do, not what they say, and look closely at the motivation behind it.

Some people think that ranting about environmental and social problems makes them an activist. It’s a very popular thing to do. But of course it doesn’t. It’s just negative, toxic, attention seeking drama. Real activists are practical and positive.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in climate change or not. It’s always better to clean up a mess. And if the perfect solution to anything is free and natural and already there, there’s no need to complicate it in a way that causes more problems.

There are people who really want to do good things and they are doing very well at it and making great money too.  

the rainforest site

All humans have the same Human Needs motivating what we do. People will sometimes pretend, or unconsciously believe and say, that they’re doing something for you unconditionally, but it’s very rare, if ever, that they really are. 

eleanor roosevelt quote

Even if it’s just to enjoy the feeling of loving other people, having their company, and being accepted or approved of, most of us feel hurt when what we’re offering is rejected. It just means we have got to grow, so we have got a better offer, and that it’s only ever certain people who are going to want what we have to give anyway. 

marie curie quote

No matter how entertaining you are, not everyone likes everyone. We can spend too much time seeking attention just for it’s own sake, and focused on someone or people who really know or care about our existence and our life. Because that’s somebody else’s life, and relationships are more about sincerity and quality, than quantity.

Conscious Capitalism 

every day is earth day

Conscious capitalism is a special way now, that people can help other people and the earth and fulfill all their own human needs at the same time. 

toms, blake mycoskie

Everyone wants to be able to think of themselves as a good person, and someone with their own mind, and a person who’s achieved something. That’s why it’s cool if you can do something as an entrepreneur, that helps other people and the planet. 

Making A Contribution In Your Community or Through Your Work

There’s always something you can do in every community, especially now. I’m loosely involved with some of the different ones in mine.

The Transition Network encourages people to organize co-operative initiatives in their community and implement sustainable systems that nurture the people and local economy to make it more resilient. 

transition network

When the small parts of a system or organism are healthy, the whole becomes healthy. Healthy things spread, just as unhealthy things do.
You can click here to see if there’s a Transition near you, or set one up. 

the poosh

The POOSH is another worldwide website where you can ask for volunteers to help with sustainable building projects
or be a volunteer, and stay with someone whilst learning and getting practical experience in building eco-homes and sustainable buildings. 


WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a similar organization where you can volunteer to stay and get experience of organic farming

Check those out if they sound interesting! I think really you have to do a thing to learn how to do it very quickly.

There’s millions of ways in which people help each other. But if you are looking for something green and eco to do as a job, here’s a couple of cool environmental jobs websites a friend told me about, Countryside Jobs and Environment Job. They want people with qualifications in those areas, but there’s tons of volunteering and training opportunities too.

Giving and Receiving In Life

the rainforest site

The relationship between receiving and giving, yin and yang, is a deep, important thing in all of life. I wrote an email to my subscribers about this (I don’t have an email list now at the moment) – giving and receiving, and Freecycle, but it was just before Christmas and a lot of people didn’t open it. So to make something better that had gone wrong, I thought I would write about it in a blog post instead.

If you asked someone close to you for something you needed, not necessarily a physical thing, or if they just knew that you needed something, they might feel under pressure to give it to you when they don’t want to, or they might not mind, but regret it later if you didn’t use it much, or if you didn’t seem grateful enough, or if they missed having it, or if you didn’t seem to do enough nice things like that for them.

Also, you might be throwing something out and ask someone close to you if they want it. They might feel patronized or insulted, because it’s something you’re throwing out. Complicated isn’t it.

You know the kind of thing. Once, me and my mum went on holiday and we didn’t have many holiday clothes. So she asked her friends to lend us some. We got loads, and we didn’t wear all of them. We wanted show that we appreciated it, and it was nearly time to go home, so we put them on and took photos of each other posing, wearing them! It was funny while we were doing it! But it’s hard to be honest isn’t it. People can get hurt and disgruntled if what you do doesn’t affirm them. But it can also get totally surreal and ridiculous. Like a farce!

Unconditional Love 


As well as showing how much abundance there really is everywhere, Freecycle is a brilliant example of this unconditional love between humans! If you are throwing something out, it’s a pleasure to give it to someone who really wants that! Because we DO want to help each other, and if you need something, someone will pipe up who is about to throw away that very thing and will give it to you! Because we DO need each other.
The earth is all loving, and people really are able to co-operate with each other well if and when they do it right.

So what are you going to do for Earth Day then? 

I’m going to my allotment today! I think we should buy from small businesses and I do that myself! If you want to do your bit by buying something you like from me, and the other small conscious companies that make their goods, I hope you will shop now at THE EARTH SITE STORE! Or look for something else here you like from me.

the greater good earth site store

The Earth Site is a part of the Greater Good Network. Shopping at The Earth Site funds tree planting – that sequesters carbon and provides wildlife habitat. Greater Good is a conscious business that helps people connect with and directly support causes they care about whilst getting themselves cool and unique clothing, jewelry, home decor and much more. 

The Greater Good Foundation helps to fund a wide range of projects related to disaster relief, food and care for people and animals and providing support for areas involving animal welfare, autism awareness, alzheimer’s, diabetes, breast cancer, preserving and reforesting threatened habitats; and providing scholarships and new books to children. The things they sell are cool, and all things that you might be buying anyway for gifts, or for yourself and your home anyway. Shop now here at Greater Good! If you want to you can also treat yourself to Jane Goodall’s Masterclass here!

If you can see some good ideas in this for your people, please share the Earth Day love.

I hope you got something you liked from this or feel inspired by something in it and have a cool one! 🌍


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