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February 22, 2018

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Do you like elephants? Because of a general raising of consciousness in the way we treat animals, we treat elephants a lot better than we have done in the past. Watch this lovely short film to find out about how special and intelligent elephants are.

Elephants are still endangered and mistreated, but things have really changed for the better now too and there are now many inspiring elephant sanctuaries, orphanages and rehabilitation centers throughout Asia and Africa.  

colorful painting by an elephant artist

Teaching elephants to paint is one of the better ways people have used in to make money from elephants in recent years, and it is usually in order to fund elephant sanctuaries, where elephants who have been mistreated or abandoned can stay and be rehabilitated and have a happy life. 

an elephant painting

When elephants ability to be trained to paint was first discovered, it was a godsend, because it was such a good way to show how special elephants are, and get money and attention to help them. 

Numerous elephants since learned to paint in Asia, and thousands of news stories have brought the story of this endangered species to the world’s attention. Of course many more elephants have been rescued and rehabilitated because of that.

novica elephant paintings, elephant art

Elephant paintings and watching them paint as a tourist attraction has been really popular, but although elephants are naturally intelligent, curious and playful, the training to make them paint specific objects like flowers and trees was strict and laborious, often including physical punishment like sticking a nail into them.

The TECC (Thai Elephant Conservation Center) was one of the first places to train elephants to paint but they realized that they didn’t need to do that. The TECC now just teach the elephants the basics and let them paint in their own style. It only takes them about two weeks to learn that, and they found that that people liked the elephants own creative abstract paintings much more. 
As Novica have said:


“At the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), elephants are able to paint by their own free will, without human guidance. They’re simply trained to learn the technical skills of painting: gripping the brush and staying within the boundaries of the canvas. After training, the elephants are encouraged to paint freely, making brushstrokes and doodles that are unrecognizable by humans – but creating masterpieces of abstract art.”

Elephant art painting

The TECC Abstract Elephant Paintings have been compared to the works of famous human abstract artists like Jackson Pollack, Willem de Kooning and Frans de Kline! 

Some of the elephant paintings have been auctioned for thousands at venues such as Christie’s. The TECC is now the most well-known sanctuary for it’s elephant paintings. You can buy one for yourself from NOVICA here!

Watch the video about the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and See some elephants painting!

Elephant Paintings From Thailand

Abstract Art

abstract painting by an elephant artist

Abstract art paintings are ‘energy paintings’, like raw art, coming from the impulses and subconscious.
But of course, it’s normally done by humans!

Abstract art paintings can express emotions, feelings, impressions, thoughts, physical sensations, instincts, concepts and memories direct from the subconscious. 

Elephants and other animals can’t naturally understand or do, complex things, but they can definitely experience all of those kinds of things. 

Who knows what was going on with them when they painted them. It’s really interesting though, because they’re like looking at clouds or tea leaves. You can see things in them can’t you

“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us where no words exist” ~ Eileen Miller

elephant art, painting by an elephant artist

We are always getting better, together, as a whole, especially now. It’s never an excuse, but it’s good to realize that one of the reasons people mistreat animals and other people is partly because they are poor themselves and trying to do their best with what they have got. We have to make sure that we are not in loads of denial about these things, that we are caring about people, as well as animals, and that it’s not only the attractive, cute and lovable ones.

So how would you like to give one of these paintings a nice home? They’re really unique art, and the ones there now are about $300 each. Imagine how cool and special one would be as a gift!

Or if you have a Business or Organization, imagine how special it would be to have and see these lovely elephant paintings all down the hall as your clients walk in. Which one of these elephant paintings would you buy? Have a look! 🌸🌍🐘

“Sustainable capitalism is not a trend. It’s a long-term progression that mankind has brought us to.” ~ Arif Naqvi

You can also buy beautiful Paintings ‘OF’ Elephants, made by HUMAN ARTISTS from all over the world for sale at NOVICA. See some of them below and click here to buy yourself one of those.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” ~ Anna Lappe  

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Watch this lovely, funny, classic Franz de Waal TED Talk about Moral Behavior in animals below! If you haven’t seen this video before, I promise you will love it, and be glad you did. Thank you 🌸 🌍🐘

Frans de Waal Moral Behavior In Animals TED Talk

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